MMC Materials provides speciality concrete solutions for commercial and residential applications. From retaining wall solutions, fiber reinforcement and non-shrink solutions to custom admixtures; MMC Materials delivers comprehensive custom specialty concrete solutions. Learn more below.


Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is not new to our industry but the technology of this product continues to improve. Fibers are primarily used to replace secondary reinforcement in slabs or paving. The most common applications where fibers are used are sidewalks, paving, parking lots, elevated decks and slabs on ground. Engineers, architects, owners, specifiers and concrete contractors are increasingly turning to the use of fibers as a means of reinforcing their concrete, making fiber reinforced concrete one of the fastest-growing segments in the concrete industry.

Fiber reinforced concrete can be used for a variety of applications. It is ideally suited for concrete applications that require protection from plastic and drying shrinkage, improved durability, increased service life and reduced construction costs. The use of fibers in concrete can reduce the total energy consumption of a construction project and will contribute to sustainable building practices.



Ready Grout is MMC’s proprietary non-shrink grout delivered in a mixer truck. Available for all non-shrink applications, this solution enables utilization of commonly available materials with addition of a proprietary component making the grout non-shrink. Ready Grout meets meets ASTM C1107 for non-shrink cementitious bagged grout and is perfect for connecting precast members, level foundations and providing bearing for structural members. With minimal clean-up and less labor costs you can experience incredible savings where large quantities of a non-shrink grout solution is required.

Ready Grout Brochure



FIREROK cement concrete has been engineered to produce a concrete that exhibits superior durability in environments subject to high thermal cycles and temperatures. FIREROK cement concrete can withstand intermittent temperatures as high as 1850° fahrenheit and sustained temperatures up to 570° fahrenheit without significant loss of strength.

Traditional portland cement concrete is principally comprised of a calcium silicate hydrate gel that begins to break down when exposed to temperatures above 250° fahrenheit. Portland cement’s low thermal conductivity and heat capacity cause internal stresses resulting in strength loss and related failures.

Alternatively, FIREROK cement concrete is comprised of a dense interlocking network of crystalline calcium aluminosilicate hydrates that allow for twice the heat capacity and five times the thermal conductivity of typical cement concrete.

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