Decorative Concrete

Concrete can be Beautiful…


Decorative concrete – produced using molds, stamps, stains, colors, and sealers – has enhanced traditional uses of concrete like patios, floors, parking lots and driveways.    Concrete has also been used in other applications – like countertops and even furniture. 

Stains, Colors, & Sealers:  Stains can be used to beautify existing concrete installations. Integrated Color may be used for new concrete.  For tips on staining & sealing your concrete floor, look here.

Stamped & Stenciled Concrete Floors:  New concrete may be molded to resemble stone, tile, or brick.   Combined with an appropriate stain or color and sealed, such floors can be attractive and enhance the beauty of the structures they support.

Concrete Countertops:  Poured in placed or cast countertops, using stain or integrated color is an application some may find surprising, but the results can be both functional and beautiful.

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