Interested in Joining Our Team?


Delivering concrete is our business.

We employ more Concrete Mixer Truck Operators than any other single position.

We also employ plant operators, engineers, loader operators, sales representatives, dispatchers, bookkeepers, laborers, & accountants.

Employing the person best suited for the job is one of our objectives.

The significant benefits we offer members of our team are intended to attract the best employees and promote job satisfaction.

Some of our goals include:

  • Treating employees fairly and with respect
  • Providing wages and benefits comparable to our competitors
  • Handling problems promptly, fairly, in a sincere and friendly manner
  • Providing steady employment, as permitted by business conditions

If you are ready to work and interested in our team, please contact us:

MMC Materials
P. O. Box 2569
Madison, MS 39130
Attn: Employment-Web Page
Corporate Office
(601) 898-4000