Quality Control

Quality Control / Quality Assurance


In pursuit of excellence, our quality assurance program includes a trained staff and a Central Concrete Laboratory.

This lab is equipped for designing and testing our product for compliance with project specifications and includes an automated moisture room and compressive test machine.

Laboratory mix design, aggregate analysis, set time determination, and cementitious material analysis are possible in our facility.

Additionally our technicians in the field are equipped with field-testing equipment to perform plastic concrete tests.   Our quality assurance program requires plastic concrete tests to ensure our mixtures meet guidelines established for our product.


Concrete Manufacturing & Delivery


Production and Delivery of Concrete is our business.  We use technology in each of these two areas to improve what we do.

Our plants use Control Computers to manufacture concrete.  This technology is employed to measure raw materials against target amounts defined in concrete mix designs.  This is an important quality control measure.

Truck Status Tracking Technology is used to help manage concrete delivery.  Vehicle location data is displayed on a map and activity reported.