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September 2021
Subject: Save With Fiber: Download Cost Comparison
Summary:  Check out this cost comparison on the savings you can experience by using fiber instead of mesh or steel for your concrete reinforcement.
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May 2021
Subject: Affordable Synthetic Fiber Alternative to Secondary Steel
Summary:  With the recent increases in steel, wire mesh and rebar prices have climbed significantly! MMC Materials and Bayou Concrete offer alternatives to secondary steel reinforcement for your slab or paving project.
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March 2021
Subject: Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensor by SmartRock
Summary:  SmartRock is the world’s leading wireless sensor for monitoring the curing and hardening of concrete. The sensor is fully-embedded and secured on the rebar before pouring, making it completely maintenance and hassle-free.
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February 2021
Subject: Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture by ISE Logik
Summary: Concrete moisture is and has been a top concern for the design/build community for years due to concrete’s inability to pass flooring industry field moisture tests within a timeframe conducive to project schedules.
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December 2020
Subject: Structural Fiber: Simplify Your Next Elevated Metal Deck Project
Summary: Did you know that structural fiber is already allowed in the Steel Deck Institute code? Check out the paragraph below for the details. Next time your project has an elevated metal deck, contact us to see how the use of fiber can simplify your project.
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Subject: Non-Shrink Ready Grout Via Mixer Truck
Summary: Ever wanted non-shrink grout from a mixer truck? Our Ready Grout product is just that! It meets ASTM C 1107, which is the standard for non-shrink grout.
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November 2020
Subject: NRMCA Complimentary Design Assistance Program for Parking Lots
Summary: Did you know? The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) offers a complementary Design Assistance Program (DAP).
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Subject: Synthetic Fibers Now Supported in Lieu of 6×6 Welded Wire Fabric
Summary: An important change took place last year with the adoption of an updated building code for Mississippi. The MBCC (MS Building Code Council) now supports the use of synthetic fibers in lieu of 6×6 W1.4XW1.4 welded wire fabric.
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